Welcome tribe

Howzit everyone and a very warm welcome to our website. This space has been created as a support to our popular “Rhodies Untold Stories” Facebook page, and also a more secure place for us to keep our tribe together. Social media platforms are very much controlled and not “owned” by ourselves. This can lead to interference, control and even closing down of Facebook pages for whatever time periods (and even permanently) at their whim.

With this in mind, this website will enable us to keep records of all our members and keep everyone updated with all things around our subject of telling stories from our time living in Rhodesia. The Facebook presence will NOT be abandoned but will assure us of long term contact and engagement with each other.

This will also be the place that information about and orders for the book/s will be shared and processed. Please be sure to sign up (its bonsela, free, gratis, for zilch) with no hidden “pop-up” promotions etc. The sign up is in the sidebar to right of the page and only requires your Name and email address.