Ray’s Book

An Arrested Heart

Author: Ray Haakonsen

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The Book

An engaging story of an ordinary man’s life in Rhodesia, (Now Zimbabwe) wartime flying, marriage, and journey in following an extraordinary God awaits in the book     

This book revisits the history of how his home country was formed, as well as his outstanding sporting achievements and exploits as a bush fighter pilot during the intense and bloody war that transformed the country to black rule.

He also describes his marriage, move to South Africa, and subsequent meltdown as a person, resulting in divorce and extreme loneliness. However, a radical encounter with God led to remarriage to his wife, repatriation with his children, and a lifetime calling to missions. The story outlines the tremendous personal struggles within, dealing with the impact of the war and his privileged upbringing and following God’s purpose for his life. His personal journey of faith resulted in him and his family serving God in missions with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Southern Africa and many opportunities to visit various countries sharing God’s love.

The story encompasses the transformation of his personal belief system and is a testimony of a family completely renewed for His service. It culminates in an amazing story of commitment to care for abandoned, HIV/AIDS affected, and other vulnerable children in Lesotho. According to the author, this service to give children a second chance in life has resulted in opportunities to motivate many people from all over the world to get involved in the tiny country of Lesotho.

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Author of An Arrested Heart – Ray Haakonsen – 2011

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