About the Book

The book ‘Rhodesians untold stories’ comes out of a Facebook group named https://www.rhodesiansuntoldstoriesofloveandwar/ formed in June 2020 in the midst of Covid and with many feeling the effects of isolation around the world. The compiler had felt a need to respond to numerous comments from people regarding a sense of silencing of their voices when talking about their life in Rhodesia.

Either those in their adopted countries did not believe them or really didn’t show much interest or care to hear them. But there was clearly a ‘felt need’ to tell these stories. The idea that it could be done safely and authentically in a group that firstly believed, but also understood and could empathise with the story teller, was born.

Hiraeth –  a homesickness tinged with grief and sadness over the lost or departed, in the context one’s culture or land. It is a mixture of longing, yearning, nostalgia, wistfulness or an earnest desire for your country of the past.

Far from being a wasted endeavour to think on what is gone, its proven that recalling memories (both tragic and joyous) can have a redeeming place in where we are today. As a result the 1st book of these stories (I believe there will be more) is a reality, with 24 chapters, over 170 stories, 80 pictures and photos from great ‘home-grown’ artists to enjoy .

Through the eyes of Our Tribe! Take a walk down memory lane. A collaboration of many folks lives, true stories of how it was! From tragedy through to hilarity and all about life in Rhodesia, in between. The book is filled with personal and authentic anecdotes, stories, some in conversation style, and events that emanate from a country in the midst of a raging war. Touching recollections indeed.

The Tribe has SPOKEN!!

The hope is, that this would be a treasure to enjoy, but also to pass on to generations to come when we Rhodesians are no more.

25 % of profits of first 200 printed copies went to help Zimbabwean pensioners through ZPSF, Zimbabwe Pensioners Fund at https://www.facebook.com/groups/pensupzim/ and 25 % to Bhejane Trust Zimbabwe, involved in various projects of Conservation of Zimbabwean wildlife. https://bhejanetrust.org/